"Nationals...Diamond Improvements...World Championships"

Our Goal

The Aallcann Developmental Fastball Organization is very excited about the future of our sport in North Central Saskatchewan. Softball Canada has awarded Prince Albert the second ever U16 Boys Canadian Fastball Championships to be held in 2015!

Softball Canada has also selected ADFO to be Canada’s delegate for the 2018 ISF Junior Men’s World Championships! ADFO has graduated 11 athletes who have played at this very event over the years! No other center our size in Canada can claim that.

Our sport continues to flourish thanks to our members and our own fundraising efforts. In 2014 ADFO conducted our first Sports Holiday Raffle, and was able to raise almost $70,000, which was directly returned to the community and our organization for things such as equipment, uniforms, and coaching and player development.

In order to see the continued growth of our sport upgrades to our current facilities are desperately needed. With the Launch of Project Triple Play, and the help of corporate community involvement we hope to make these upgrades a reality, and make these 3 events a major success!.